Flip the Script – Wine, Guns and Hugs

This is a lesson for advanced students on the theme of psychology.

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This is a lesson for advanced students on the theme of psychology. It is both fun and interesting to discuss what you would do and what other people did in a dangerous situation.

ESL Tube Flip the Script Lesson Plan

ESL Tube Flip the Script Worksheets

Flipping the Script Lesson Plan

Based on a  video and article from NPR by ALIX SPIEGEL 15th of July 2016:


Lesson Time: 45 Minutes to an Hour (More if there are multiple views of the video)


1.Cue up the video.

2. Print off the work sheets.

3. Optional: Print out the introduction page and the transcript from the NPR website.

Level : Advanced

Warm Up

Sent the scene by reading the the story at the start of exercise one.

Imagine yourself at a party with friends. You are in a friends garden late in the evening with your family. It is a warm summer day and you have been enjoying good wine, good food and good conversation. Suddenly the party is interrupted by a man with a gun demanding money from you and the other people present. He points the gun at your friends head, then the head of your partner. It is then that you realise that none of you have any money.

Check for comprehension then ask the students to interview each other with the following questions:

How do you think you would feel in this situation?

How do you think you would react if this happened to you?

What do you think would be the best thing to do in this situation?

What do you think the craziest thing to do in this situation would be?

After discussion of the students answers reveal the title of todays video.

“She Offered The Robber A Glass Of Wine, And That Flipped The Script”

Ask or teach the students what they think “Flip the script means”

Read the introduction together.



While the students watch have them answer the following questions.

Now watch the video from 0:00 to 5:30

Describe the party before the man with the gun appeared. Who was there? Why were they celebrating?

What happened after the man was offered a glass of wine? How did the mood change? Did he like the wine? What did the man want to do? After the man left how did the people feel? What happened to the glass?

After stopping the video get students to exchange answers. Then ask the students to speculate on this question:

Why did offering the glass of wine change the mans behaviour?

Now say you are going to play the video again and we will hear a psychologist explain what happened. As they watch they should answer the question:

What is ”noncomplemenatry” behaviour?

Discuss the answer to this question.

After Listening

Read through the transcript together. (The transcript is slightly different from the video but basically the same)



Do the vocabulary exercise if it is needed and time permits. All words are from the AWL.

Finish with a few discussion questions:

Have you ever had to defuse a tense or difficult situation? What happened? How did you get people to clam down?

Have you ever dissuaded someone from doing something? What was it? Has anyone dissuaded you from it?

What would you do to make someone like you? How would you change someones opinion of you?

Have fun and good luck!

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